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5 Tips for Direct Mail

Put The Power of Direct Mail to Work for You With Tips From the Pros

Postal requirements can be confusing. There is a great deal of complexity in weight and size restrictions, rate types and classifications, and sorting and processing. At EMCO, we know that getting the most out of your direct mail campaign takes a breadth of postal knowledge and streamlined logistics to back it up. In addition to being print experts, we know postal codes, processes, and procedures. We can also maximize your print or direct mail project with data-driven personalization and focused messaging.

As part of an integrated marketing plan, direct mail is proven to help drive customer response in a measurable way. While digital marketing reaches customers anytime from any device, direct mail reaches customers at home – in a targeted, localized way, with a tactile, lasting impression to drive digital engagement, retail visits or a phone inquiry.

We are experts in USPS tools like Every Door Direct Mail, list acquisition and address verification. But if you’re new to the game, or would like to learn more, the USPS offers impressive resources to help you plan and execute direct mail campaigns. Here are our top 5 picks for USPS direct mail resources:

1. Marketer’s Guide to Direct Mail: This comprehensive piece offers tips on how to reach your audience and track results along with valuable statistics, case studies, and best practices.

2. Customized Direct Mail: Learn about enhancements to increase your ROI and direct mail impact. Variables like target audience and budget are a place to start the discussion.

3. USPS Delivers: This strategically focused USPS microsite is dedicated to helping you market your business through direct mail.

4. Every Door Direct Mail: This amazing tool is an EMCO favorite. We can use it to efficiently map to zip codes, and even filter by age, income, or household size, helping you get hyper-local with your mailings.

5. Irresistible Mail: An incredible gallery that will inspire you to make your direct mail magic and impossible to ignore. This site showcases case studies and creative solutions used to hold an audience's attention and drive engagement (or sales).

HOT TIP: The USPS is offering a 10% discount for retail mailings through September 30, 2020. Learn more.

We’ve provided a lot of information for you to digest. While you continue to promote and develop your business, postal regulations and logistics are our business. Give the team at EMCO a call and we’ll help get your next print and mailing out the door.

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