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Communicating With Your Employees Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Employee handbooks are an essential part of welcoming workers into your company. Every new employee receives one as part of the onboarding experience, and existing employees often refer to their copy as a quick reference guide. Handbooks are living documents that require regular refreshing to ensure the information is up-to-date. Some companies even print annual editions to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. Join us as we explore some of the more recent trends in employee handbooks.

Defining flexible scheduling and remote work

With the pandemic’s influence on work location, many companies are now scrambling to clearly define their policies regarding telecommuting. Once seen as a perk for some is now very much the norm. Providing clear guidance of company expectations goes a long way to prevent abuse of the privilege.

Updating for a changing world

As many states dramatically change their drug regulations, companies are forced to look at how their in-house policies reflect the outside world. Clearly defining what is expected of an employee is essential for maintaining a safe and secure workplace.

The Great Vaccine Mandate

Earlier this year, when President Biden instituted a blanket policy for all federal workers requiring them to be vaccinated for COVID-19, he cleared the way for other companies to follow suit. Having a concise policy regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures for all current and new staff will help clarify your requirements for working on-site.

A shift to gender-neutral

It wasn’t that long ago that most employee handbooks regulated dress-code policies for male and female workers. We have come a long way to becoming a more inclusive society and, in doing so, employee handbooks are using gender-neutral language and policies that apply to all people. The same goes for the use of the gender-specific pronouns of “he” and “she”. A shift to the more commonly accepted “they” is occurring.

Print vs. Digital?

Yes, we live in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean that your company should automatically convert all its essential documents to digital. One of the most important reasons to have a handbook is that it helps to mitigate risk. The main reason for keeping your employee handbooks in print is to make them accessible to all. Printing and handing out copies to each employee and acknowledging their receipt ensures you have communicated your policies to every employee.

EMCO Mail + Print is here to help you. We strive to provide fast, efficient service when you need it. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can quickly and cost-effectively print your corporate materials like employee handbooks.


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