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Envelopes Worth Opening!

Captivating direct mail envelopes entice recipients to open and engage

For marketers, an “open” is the pivotal step that can convert a relationship to a sale, a friend to a supporter, or a volunteer to a donor.

Email open rates are notoriously low, on average sitting around 21%. On the other hand, direct mail rates can be as high as 90%. Delivered mail resonates more because the campaigns are typically well-targeted to the household and can quickly differentiate better than an email. With an email campaign, all you can use is a few lines of text in an inbox. With a printed envelope, the sky is the limit.

Stand out with these powerful differentiators.

Right size your envelope.

Most direct mail is enclosed in standard #10 business envelopes, masquerading as important documents. But you can show you’ve outgrown your competitors by increasing the size or changing the shape of your envelope. For a bigger impact, increase the size of your envelope to 9x12 or 10x13 if you want to make a splash. Even an upgrade to 6x9 will pique the interest of the recipient—especially if they are rewarded with a special gift that just fits inside. You can also consider downsizing to an occasion- or notecard-size to intrigue your audience with the personal nature of the envelope.

Win the color war.

Colored envelopes are 20% more likely to be opened than white envelopes. Adding color is

incredibly impactful if the colors reinforce your brand and are well placed to pop information off the envelope. For luxury or artistic brands, consider using higher-end paper for your envelope and adding a spot foil for a metallic glow. For a sustainable or eco-friendly brand, think kraft paper.

Use the psychology of color to soothe, excite, relax, or create anticipation. Many brands mail seasonally and use envelope colors that evoke upcoming holidays or seasons. Pinks and yellows say spring, oranges and browns say fall, blues and whites say winter, and a sunny yellow indicates summertime.

Always customize…

The beauty of digital printing is in cost-effective customization. Print an identifying detail or motivating call to action on the envelope. If you have recent customers’ service or purchase records, use those to remind and invite return customers. For new customers, use public records to home in on what the customer truly needs, when they need it.

Companies can try personalized notes like these:

“Don’t forget to replace your roof this summer!”

“Looks like you’re ready for a new family van!”

“Wouldn’t a garage keep your car cozy?”

“Ready to move? Let us take care of it.”

…and digitize.

With digital technology, we can save steps in the conversion process. Use a QR code on the outside to show the recipient exactly what’s on the inside. Or link to the website, where a buyer can immediately start browsing. Nonprofits can direct digital codes to a friction-free donation site or trigger a reminder text from the organization about volunteer opportunities or event attendance.

Like unboxing, opening an envelope can be a fun journey of exploration and relationship, personalized to the recipient. A memorable printed piece of direct mail can lead to a lifetime of loyalty.

Make print and mail happen at EMCO. We specialize in customized direct mail that hits the target every time. Contact us today!

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