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Improve Student Online Learning and Engagement with Print

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Online learning options have helped keep our students engaged while we remain distant. Unfortunately, the lack of tactile learning and physical interaction between the classmates and instructors has few happy with the results.

A hybrid approach creates new opportunities for printed materials in the form of printed packets or other learning materials distributed from the student’s school. In particular, the younger, short attention span groups struggle with sitting in front of a screen for a prolonged time. Creating printed materials to supplement the digital learning environment expands the opportunity to keep students more engaged, give an activity to reinforce the lesson and encourage hands- on activities that don’t stretch the parent’s resources or abilities.

Teachers can successfully map the home-based learning model to a school-based learning model with the inclusion of flashcards, math worksheets, visual aids, games, coloring pages, short stories and communications that feel more personal and promote engagement. Students with learning disabilities may find more success using color and gradients presented on a sheet or in a printed book, which can support increased focus, fluency and comprehension.

A combination of print and online assets to address all learning types may be what helps our student populations find greater joy and success! Consider distributing materials via mail and / or a pickup option so individuals can see the teachers safely at a distance. Adding print to remote learning plans can help bridge the gap between in person and online learning.

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