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New Press Means Higher Quality, Lower Costs, and Ultimate Creativity

We have some BIG news to share with you! We have added a new Kodak Nexfinity digital press to our growing family of print production equipment. For us, it’s like Christmas morning. For you, our customers, it helps us offer the service, value, and quality we’re known for—only better.

In a nutshell, the Nexfinity is a digital press that mirrors the quality, strength, and speed of an offset press while offering significantly more benefits than its digital peers.

Cost control.

At a time when inflation is significant and costs are out of our control—or worse—unpredictable, the Nexfinity helps us control costs for our customers while achieving high-quality results.

  • We can immediately finish a sheet right off the press and offer you a variety of rich, aesthetic finishes. Unique effects and surface finishes are delivered in line for maximum productivity, which lessens the need for specialty paper.

  • An efficient double-sided printing process called same-edge perfecting helps reduce bindery waste and reprints. Low waste doesn’t just boost sustainability, it keeps your costs down too.

  • Because Nexfinity runs standard commercial offset paper, we can eliminate the need for special digital papers, which can drive costs up by 10% or more.

Check out the fascinating Kodak Nexfinity interactive demo.

Next-gen quality.

The new press helps us achieve better image quality across a wider range of substrates, even those that are heavily textured or thick—truly an offset-class image quality. It far surpasses its peers in the market with regard to registration, fine-tuning and sharp detail.

  • Nexfinity has the highest density levels per pixel for more fine-tuning, detail, and smoothing than other solutions.

  • The machine’s LED writing heads are more reliable than laser-based systems, allowing us to optimize quality across a wide range of jobs.

  • Dynamic Imaging Technology automatically optimizes images in real time, giving you better control of dot sharpness for offset-class quality over long runs.

  • Nexfinity boasts the industry’s best registration, thanks to same-edge perfecting mentioned above.

Beyond creativity.

The light black extra color is used to enhance the image quality and reproduction.

Yes, we love giving you a higher quality product in record time for lower costs. But, if we’re being honest, the ability to be creative and bring out the best in each brand we work with makes our jobs fun and exciting. The Nexfinity digital press lets us play our way to projects that leap off the shelf and out of the mailbox.

  • Nexfinity offers an unmatched suite of 12 specialty inks and surface finishes that can transform your brand on paper: Dimensional. Gold. Metallic clear. Opaque white. Light black. Clear watermarks. Color gamut expansion. Antimicrobial coating. Virtually invisible inks for security applications.

  • The press handles the widest range of substrates on the market (8,000 and counting!), including coated and uncoated stocks, transparent media, and films.

The bottom line is: we can do more of what we do best even better. We have more capacity to print envelopes, postcards, and poster-size products. We can score and fold any print piece quickly and creatively. Enhancements can be easily added to any design. With our new press, the possibilities are nearly limitless—come see for yourself!

Contact us today to see what your brand can do tomorrow.

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