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Six Ways to Make Your Brand Stick - with Stickers!

Looking for fun, creative ways to engage your customers and build your brand? Stickers are an easy way to promote your brand. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep your company top of mind. EMCO can create stickers for clients whether they need 10, 100, or 1000 or more.

Here are six awesome ways your brand can help build awareness that will STICK with your audience and turn heads!

Make some money

Stickers are great items to display at check-out counters for impulse purchases or customers looking to add on small purchases or gifts. It’s a unique way for someone to commemorate their trip to your retail store, restaurant, or destination or something easy that they can slip into an envelope to send to a friend.

They make great gifts

We all love free stuff – it’s a simple fact. Including a sticker into e-commerce orders or as a gift with purchase is a great way to show you care and reward customers for their loyalty. In return, you’ll likely get some love in return in the form of recognition on social media or when they place the sticker in a place of prominence in their home, on a water bottle, laptop, etc.

Swag for days

We’ve all been to tradeshows, events, and grand openings where we’ve seen the same boring items handed out. More pens – no thanks! Why not come up with something clever and fun that people will be clambering to get their hands on. Don’t forget to add your logo for maximum impact that they will take home to show their connections and help share your brand.

Enhance packaging

Enhance your customer’s packaging experience with stickers to give things a more elevated feel. What would make you feel more special and likely to make a repeat purchase – a sweater in a polybag stuffed in an envelope or your apparel order wrapped in tissue with a sticker holding it together? You can also use stickers for advertising upcoming promotions, social channels, QR codes, and more.

E-commerce cart add-ons

Stickers are great items to have in your e-commerce store if you have a free shipping or discount threshold. To reach that elusive free shipping mark, customers often look for low-cost items to add to their order to increase their cart value and meet specific criteria. The margin stickers can be quite favorable, making it a win-win scenario.

Safety first

Stickers are also a huge part of our current health and safety measures during the ups and downs of pandemic life. The uses during the pandemic have been endless, from branded floor decals and wayfinders, to “I’m vaccinated” stickers from your local healthcare center, QR codes on restaurant tables, and safety indicators that an area is sanitized.

These ideas just scratch the service of how your brand or business could be using stickers to promote your brand or run your business successfully. EMCO Mail and Print is here to partner with you on your next sticker project. Call us today to learn more about our sticker options and the full range of print and mail services we offer!


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