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Using Direct Mail to Market in the Neighborhood

Every Door Direct Mail Markets in Your Neighborhood

With Every Door Direct Mail, we can find you ideal customers and send them to you

You know who your customers are—and you know who you want them to be. When planning a direct mail advertising campaign, you can focus on your future customers, not just your current ones. Hopefully, your business captures information about everyone you transact with through your point-of-sale system. You can use this information to determine who and where your prospects are and then target both groups to sustain and grow your business.

But to hone in locally on your perfect prospects, as experts in Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), we can help you direct advertising to the people in your neighborhood who are most likely to buy your goods and services. EDDM is a powerful USPS program that harnesses U.S. Census data to target localized campaigns.

Spring has sprung! Find your people

Direct Mail Reaches Everyone

As spring unfolds and the days grow longer, people explore their neighborhoods. Places open for years get a new life in the spring as foot traffic increases. New eateries, shopping areas, and developments are more visible and inviting. Small and independent retailers and service providers can take full advantage of this by getting their message out to the neighborhood.

At EMCO, we can lead or support your outreach efforts from start to finish. We can design and print an exciting on-brand flyer or mailer with a targeted message, offer or time-sensitive special. We can take your current mailing list, clean it up, delete incorrect addresses and duplicates, and combine it with a specialized list created in EDDM.

Every Door Direct Mail drills down to your ideal customers

With Every Door Direct Mail, you decide what locations and zip codes you want to target and then further segment by demographics: age, household size, household income, routes with residential only, residential plus businesses, and even how much it costs to mail to a certain area. We are trained EDDM experts and can plan and execute a targeted direct mail campaign on most budgets while tracking results and keeping your brand front and center.

Every business is unique —some cater to walk-ins, some are membership-only, some appeal to masses of people, and some appeal to very specific groups. Below are just a few examples of direct mail campaign ideas that work for common (and beloved!) neighborhood businesses.

Gyms and fitness centers can benefit from direct mail campaigns targeting people who are active or want to be active and expendable income to put toward that goal. Create a mailing list focused on urban and suburban adults, and include an offer for a free trial, training session or upgrade. Spring is a great time to encourage a gym membership because people want to get in shape for the summer.

Independent coffee shops and small cafes are nearly all walk-ins, and most are located in business hubs so they can pull in customers for their neighboring storefronts. A low-margin retail business in a high-traffic area does well to combine efforts with neighboring retailers and send direct mail that brings attention to their entire business hub. Consider targeting close neighbors and others who are likely to be walking or driving by, focusing less on age or income. A coordinated spring sale or event is a great direct mail campaign idea.

Retail Benefits from Sending Direct Mail to the Neighborhood

Restaurants are usually destinations and can send direct mail to a broader geographic audience but perhaps a focused income range, depending on the restaurant offerings. A mid-price range family restaurant might mail to an area with more kids and a medium income. In contrast, a high-end location could target larger income level households and either young professionals or older couples. Two-for-one specials, new or limited-time menu offerings, or seasonal campaigns (Easter ham, corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.) are all offers that bring in eaters.

We can help lots of other businesses too. Local companies and community organizations that should consider an EDDM campaign managed by EMCO include:

  • Bookstores

  • Sidewalk cafes

  • Barber and beauty shops

  • Pet stores

  • Ice cream shops

  • Brewpubs

  • Bakeries

  • Plant nurseries

  • Clothing boutiques

  • Vintage and antique shops

  • Music or theater venue

  • Grocery stores

  • Dry cleaners or laundromats

Whatever your business or ideal customers, with Every Door Direct Mail, we can find them and send them to you.

Make it personal with EMCO Mail + Print. Call or click today to reach new customers right away.

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