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All Signs Point To...The Perfect Customers for Your Business

When you’re thinking outside the door, stay on brand yet sign specific

Signage on your store is like your website’s front page.

It is absolutely crucial to make a clear first impression that clearly communicates your brand. 

Online, prospective customers who do not connect may click around for a while, but they inevitably click away. At the store, a confused customer may drive past, walk by—or worse—cringe.

America is known for its historic and iconic signage. We connect with signs intuitively, closer to the heart than the brain. A sign tells us, “These are my people,” or—just as importantly— “These are NOT my people.”

A thoughtful and distinctive brand does not appeal to everyone. It appeals to the customers the business wants most—the customers that will spend more, return repeatedly, and shamelessly brag about your company to other top prospects.

Follow these tips for creating front-of-store signage that draws YOUR people inside.

Reinforce your brand identity.

Don’t use your sign to say, “We’re open for business.” Use it to say, “We’re the business you need.” Do this by replicating some of the elements of your brand visually. Use your logo or wordmark, colors, and images that define your look.

But don’t be attached to duplicating it.

An effective brand is scalable. You can use some elements across many platforms—business cards, email campaigns, and billboards. Signage, however, benefits from at-a-glance messaging, hyper-readable fonts, and (lots and lots of) white space. Augmented reality might not be a typical brand element, but a large QR code pointing to an AR experience that draws shoppers in the door could be unique to your signage. Consider carefully which aspects of your brand will scale up and which can switch out.

Consider the conditions.

Professionally print your visual graphics with appropriate materials. If there is no protection from the weather, your sign needs to be printed on a durable substrate with inks and embellishments that will stand up and stand out. Vinyl, Coroplast, Mesh, acrylic, aluminum and wood are solid contenders when reviewing options for outdoor signage applications. 

Site right.

Make sure trees, lampposts, and other immovable objects are not blocking your sign. Try putting up a similarly sized test sign for a week or two to ensure visibility and safety from all angles. Walk and drive by it at different times of the day and ask others to do the same. You need to know if there will be a delivery semi-truck blocking it four mornings out of five.

Make change.

A sign that updates its message while maintaining its voice starts new conversations with return shoppers. Choose a spot on your sidewalk or side of your building where shoppers can easily spot your message. Customizable banners are an excellent tool for announcing sales, special offers, and events. Again, always emphasize your brand, but switch up the message seasonally, for holidays, or to recognize certain groups such as veterans or teachers. 

Digital technology, software, and skilled staff allow our presses to help you stay on brand while occasionally mixing up the message. EMCO can help you plan your sign strategy for the entire year. Contact us today to create a sign for the times.

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