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Direct Mail is Trusted by Marketers, Contractors, and Customers Alike

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

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There are so many ways for people to find contractors, skilled service companies like plumbers and electricians, and home service companies like house cleaners, landscapers, and movers. All of these relationships require a high level of trust and, unfortunately, almost everyone has a tale to tell about the time they worked with a less-than-scrupulous provider.

So, how can your company make connections with homeowners and businesses seeking your services and start with a high level of trust? Try direct mail!

Direct mail is simply more trusted.

Year after year, large and small studies reveal that direct mail is more trusted than email and social media. And home services heavily depend on trust to be recognized, then get in the door and retain returning customers.

While email shows up on your computer often without clear permission (whoops, whose cookies did you agree to yesterday?), direct mail is in your mailbox until you choose to bring it into the house. Email and social media are often associated in people’s minds with potentially dangerous links, hackers, scams, and spam. Recipients perceive promotional postcards, brochures, catalogs, and letters as safe.

One recent study found that 58% of marketers have more marketing budget allocated to direct mail in 2023 than in 2022. And the more they automated their direct mail programs, the better their response rates were.

Direct mail can—and should!—be very targeted.

Using public records and other available information, we can help you target your services to those who might actually need

them. We can determine who in your area is due for a new roof or how much a kitchen remodel would raise home values in a particular neighborhood. Direct mail lets you send people helpful, actionable information and allows them to make the next move.

Direct mail can strongly reinforce your brand.

When it comes to reinforcing a brand, direct mail has a distinct advantage over email, social media, and even your website. Using a combination of unique substrates, specialty inks, and brand-forward design coupled with data, you can create a piece that is absolutely focused on your product or business.

Do you provide a common service in an uncommon way? Say you are a completely organic landscaper. By just using green text on recycled paper, you will get your message to sprout interest quickly. Are you developing a hyper-local customer base? Consider including a map highlighting a few beloved local landmarks, such as the neighborhood cupcake shop or microbrewery. With permission, you can highlight recent work on a map, so prospects can drive by to see your latest exterior paint and siding projects.

Printed Postcard

Direct mail can play well with your website and social media.

An omnichannel marketing approach is always the most effective approach. You can incorporate QR codes and personalized URLs into your direct mail pieces to make it easy for recipients to find what they want online and to track their responses. Online forms and landing pages help to track the analytics of your campaign engagement numbers. Don’t forget to add incentives to visit your website and social media, like coupons and specials for only the mailing list recipients.

Testimonials and before-and-after photos tell your story powerfully.

These days, everyone consults reviews before making a purchase, so don’t forget to include high-quality testimonials and before-and-after photos in your mailer. Solicit testimonials from your happiest customers or write them yourself and ask your customers to sign off. Mistakes can erode trust, so be sure to proofread them for errors. Include professional quality photos of your best work and a QR code to other online reviews and pictures.

Before you start your next sales or awareness campaign, consider the important role direct mail plays in customer connection, trust, and response. We can help you build relationships and revenue, too!

Make it personal with EMCO Mail + Print. Call or click today to reach new customers right away.

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