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Four Ways the Unique Characteristics of Direct Mail Appeal to B2B Prospects

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

With a drop-off in face-to-face networking opportunities over the last two years, there has been an increase in B2B direct mail. It just makes sense!

Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails, and the response rate for direct mail is up to nine times higher than that of email. Used in a strong marketing mix with digital opportunities to engage and buy, response skyrockets!

Businesses appreciate the effort, time, and resources that go into direct mail, and they are more likely to respond—especially if there is value in it.

When you are preparing a B2B direct mail campaign, leverage the power of print to increase opens and conversions.

Personalize outside.

People make relationships, not companies. When you send direct mail to a company, personalize it to the contact you already have a relationship with or want to build one with.

If it’s only addressed to the company, chances are the receptionist, office manager, or mail sorter will simply bin it. However, they are typically obligated to put anything bearing a name in that person’s mailbox, so make sure the name is front and center. It’s OK to send your mail to more than one person at the company, but be reasonable, and do not spam the company, especially if it’s a small one.

Personalize inside.

When your target opens your offer, this is your opportunity to make an impression that converts. Sure, you can put their name in the greeting. But with cost-effective variable data printing, you can invest more than that.

Do some research on your recipients. Add in a line about their business in the new or how their new product looks. Mention that award they recently won or their impending IPO. It might sound like a huge amount of work to personalize to each recipient, but on a smaller campaign of multiple runs, you’ll have the opportunity to build a real relationship with your prospects, which leads to sales when the time is right.

Use engaging copy.

Copywriting is part art, part business. For too long, B2B copy has been, well, vanilla. At best.

Yes, clarity is important. But remember, companies are made of people. People want to be entertained, persuaded, evoked. They want to laugh, they want to think. Most of all, they want to know how you can solve their problems—how you are willing to help. So be clear about that from the first glance. Letting your target know you can help them solve a real problem in their business will go a long way toward an open, then a connection.

Even if your brand is a little more serious, you can still evoke urgency, emotions, and camaraderie with great content explaining how you help.

Leverage on-brand design and quality printing.

Direct mail is a visual+tactile experience. This gives you a lot of ways to make an impact.

Express your brand colors, logo, font, and images in a striking way. If you are running a campaign, repeat those visuals each time to create familiarity and comfort.

Be unique. Your piece needs to stand out—even to people who aren’t your target. Make a piece of mail that says, “Hey look at this.”

Choose paper that matches your brand. Choose heavier paper with a matte finish for a hip, yet understated appearance. Choose recycled paper to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Choose glossy paper to catch eyes. We can help you make the choice that fits.

Use a quality print-and-mail partner. On a direct mail campaign that will send multiple pieces to each recipient, your look needs to be absolutely consistent. Colors need to match from run to run, and registration has to be perfect. Glues and fasteners need to work well, yet open easily. A friction-free experience creates more fans.

Direct mail is seriously effective. Leveraging its unique characteristics while combining it with digital channels only increases the impact on your prospective business customers.

Digital technology, software, and skilled staff allow our presses to help you stay on brand while occasionally mixing up the message. EMCO can help you plan your direct mail strategy for the entire year. Contact us today to create direct mail that nails your goals.


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