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Get Ahead of the Holiday Hustle 

We know summer is over, but the holidays will be upon us before you know it. Now is the time to start working on your holiday marketing plan to stay ahead of your competition and drive traffic to your website and physical retail and restaurant locations. Here are a few creative ways that you can use print-on-demand to do just that! 

Teaser Catalogs

Catalogs are a proven method of enticing customers to learn more and buy more. Create a four-, eight- or sixteen-page teaser catalog with your hottest items for the upcoming winter season. Want to show off more than just merchandise? Throw in helpful tips, brand stories, recipes, and other ideas that will have your audience holding onto the catalog for reference.

Gift Guides

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to gift-giving. Sometimes we could all use a little help and inspiration. Create a gift guide that outlines options for your key audience members like wine enthusiasts, pet lovers, on-the-go techies, and more. Each page or scenario features a selection of recommended products with a range of price points. 

Holiday Cards

Even if your business is service-based, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your customers this holiday season. Show them that you care with a holiday card thanking them for their loyalty. Looking for fresh ideas to stand out from the usual batch of December holiday greetings, try sending a card in November to tell customers how grateful you are for their business or a New Year’s card to wish them a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022. 

In-House Displays

Dial-up the holiday cheer in store with custom signage and flyers. Don’t just host a seasonal sale - be sure to tell your customers and anyone walking past about it with signage. Create a holiday selfie station with a clever cutout or winter scene that customers can stop and enjoy for added fun. Be sure to encourage your visitors to post, share and tag your location for additional exposure!

Branded Stickers

Stickers make great gifts. Consider offering them free with purchase or for sale at check out when customers are just under the threshold for using a coupon or need that extra something. Why not include them in online orders as a surprise or use them to secure tissue paper or gift wrap. Here is a good blog to help the idea stick!

Gift Certificates

Finally, let’s not forget the old standby. Gift certificates to your business are a great offering to customers. Show off your brand and give that extra level of security that generic gift certificates do not provide. We can include sequential numbering to help you track buyers, extending protection and elegance in a cost-effective option.

EMCO Mail + Print is ready to help you get ahead of the holiday hustle and drive early seasonal foot traffic. Call us today to learn more about our full range of print and mail services, including those listed above. 


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