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Make the Most of Q4 with Personalized Print and Mail

Where does the time go? And how can you stretch your marketing and print budget to make the most of the fourth quarter? We have some great ideas for all kinds of businesses and organizations.

The end of the year is a powerful time for nonprofits

According to a study from the University of Washington measuring recent support for the sector, nonprofits did well through the pandemic. People saw the importance of supporting the community, and they stepped up.

Now that post-pandemic priorities are surfacing and belts are tightening, nonprofits can employ smart marketing, branding, and engagement tactics to keep donations up into the new year. Use data-driven direct mail for twice the impact.

Most people on your mailing list already know your organization. They may have donated in the past, attended an event, or used your services. With variable data direct mail, you can easily segment your mailings.

  • With previous donors, appreciate their most recent donations and ask for an increase or a one-time gift by the end of the tax year.

  • With previous event attendees, ask for feedback on events and future volunteering.

  • Work with a reputable printer to create branded thank you or holiday cards. Send them out with hand-written notes in brightly colored personalized envelopes.

  • Print a QR code on your cards or envelopes pointing to the latest online gallery, event invitation, donation page, or volunteer opportunity.

Q4 puts retailers in the black

The holidays are retailers’ time to shine.

The National Retail Federation recently reported that 2021 saw the most robust retail growth year over year in 20 years. And U.S. holiday spending is expected to increase in 2022 by more than 3%. Retailers still have time to print fliers, mailers, coupons, newsletters, and more. Mailings that are personalized, well-branded, oversized, or brightly colored increase opens and responses dramatically—especially when holiday competition in the mailbox is stiff.

With interest in click-and-collect orders on the rise this year, add personalized QR codes to mailers so it’s simple to order online and track consumer purchases. An omnichannel approach is always more effective than just direct mail alone.

The end of the year is a great time to launch a win-back customers campaign.

Businesses can use their print and mail budget to end the year strong

Close 2022 on a high note by tying up loose ends and keeping professional connections flourishing from one year to the next.

  • Send the year’s final invoices in bright envelopes to grab attention, and include a personal note if possible.

  • Informational mailers and targeted special offers are effective ways to connect with customers and prospects at the end of the year.

  • Instead of a holiday greeting card, send a Happy New Year letter, revealing what your company has in store for 2023 and encouraging readers to stay in touch.


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