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Events are back. Are you ready to stand above the crowds?

Events. Are. Back.

This is the time for your business to boldly brand where you’ve never branded before!

Millions of American small businesses, corporations, industry groups, tech start-ups, and nonprofits will start gathering in person again over the next year. Your brand needs to stand out in those crowded convention centers and banquet rooms as well as with those still engaging online.

You’ll need a well-curated, fresh, specific strategy to differentiate your business. Get thinking by following these general guidelines to get your company’s branded swag in order and start swinging sales in your direction.

✔️ Update your materials and wearables.

We can't stress this enough. It's very common for organizations to "mix and match" their event materials. For example, representatives might hand out freshly printed brochures while standing in front of last year's banner, wearing t-shirts from a few seasons ago.

Don't do this! Unless your older materials are absolutely evergreen and consistently branded, you'll need a refresh of every branded thing you want to display.

Click here to download the EMCO Ultimate Event Branding Checklist for FREE.

✔️ Budget your time. Budget your dollars.

Because elevating your brand above the rest is more crucial than ever, you need to plan. The business-to-business marketplace continues to deal with supply chain slowdowns and higher prices just like business-to-consumer products do. Be very deliberate with your strategy.

  • Decide which events target your top prospects, and only register for those.

  • Update ALL the materials that will be on display at your events: clothing, signage, giveaways, stickers, table covers, decorations. Everything.

  • With events, time is critical. EMCO delivers a coordinated effort on print, textile, and promotional products. Contact us early for guaranteed success.

✔️ Emphasize quality promotional products.

The event and convention resurgence is overlapping with a pressing sustainability movement. Be a leader in your industry by offering giveaways that last. A Really Good Pen can hang out in someone's office for years—reminding them of your company every day. A pen that breaks in a week will undermine your reputation as an organization of quality. The same goes for other truly useful freebies such as notebooks, styluses, and reusable grocery bags. Be sure to emphasize your brand identity, printing true colors and a scalable logo/tagline on each product.

In the events industry, it’s truly go time. Don’t let outdated promotional products put a stop to your sales. EMCO will get you up and running today.


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