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Grow your Customer Base with Print Media and Direct Mail


If success in real estate means location, location, location, then success in the yard and garden and yard means timing, timing, timing.

Nurseries and landscapers know better than anyone that planting and harvesting are seasonal and must be done at the right time for the best results. With advertising and promotional mailings, the logic is the same: if you sow information, encouragement, excitement, and exclusivity at the right time, you can plan on a plentiful harvest of customers, sales, revenue, interest, and returning visitors.

Direct mail plants a seed


Like many contractors, skilled tradespeople, and home service companies, most landscapers and nurseries cater to homeowners in a specific area. Direct mail is the best way to reach a very targeted audience, based on location and other publicly available demographics. 

A high level of trust is also required between homeowners and landscapers and yard services. Any gardener will tell you how important their flowers, trees, and lawns are to them. Nearly every plant in a garden or yard has a beloved personal history. And many will tell you stories about landscapers who carelessly limbed a tree, ripped out native plantings, or killed an heirloom shrub.

According to survey results from Lob's 2022 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights, reported by Hubspot:

  • 50% of consumers 35+ say that direct mail feels more important than email communication from a brand.

  • 44% say direct mail is their top channel for unknown brands.

  • 62% say direct mail inspired them to act.

Highly automated direct mail programs get the highest response rates.

Timing is everything

print marketing

Because most tasks in the yard and garden should be done at certain times to ensure the best results, landscapers and nurseries need to time their advertising carefully and tie the messaging to what neighbors should do next.

If it’s peak grass growing season, then it’s time to aerate the lawn. Send a postcard with a special offer with an urgent call to action. Think: “It’s not too late to aerate! Schedule a full lawn aeration before July 1 and receive 15% off.”

Other tasks need to be done regularly to help plants thrive. Weeding, deadheading, mowing and can all be on a similar schedule, and promoted as a package as the beginning of the season. “Combine three or more monthly services through October and get an extra service for free!”

Some tasks can prevent problems that typically happen around the same time each year, so mailing ahead of those seasons can position you as a proactive service provider. “Fall is just around the corner. Leave the leaves to us! Call before Sept. 1 for 10% off.” Or, “Don’t miss out on a single jar of jam this autumn. Fruit tree pest and disease inspections half off right now!”

Grow your customer base with testimonials, photos, and free consultations

We know your work speaks for itself, but letting your customers sing your praises can build your reputation fast. Include personal testimonials and before-and-after photos in your mailer. Incorporate professional quality photos of your best work and a QR code to other online reviews and pictures. Seeing other people’s yard projects is highly motivating and will inspire new customers to reach out. 

Use your mailer to offer a free consultation. This could encourage the homeowner to dream big and get excited about the potential for their space. Consider promoting free consultations before major holidays. They are more likely to have guests in their yard or looking out their windows and may be willing to spend more money to spruce up before a special event. “Celebrate independence from your worn-out landscape. Get a free consultation on a fresh look by Fourth of July!” Or “Liberate your lawn from crabgrass by the Fourth of July! Call for a FREE consultation in June.”

Companion plan(t) your marketing mix

Just as some flowers and veggies can be planted together for mutual benefit and better growth, direct mail flourishes in a mix with other elements like strong branding, an enticing website, consistent social media, events, and other printed collateral such as on site signage using a QR code, door hangers, and swag.

EMCO can help boost your marketing mix with high-quality print and mail that bursts out of the box.

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